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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Days

I'm feeling a very grateful recovering alcoholic today. The girls are here this weekend - I always feel part of me is missing when the're not about. We're off to the circus this afternoon - not sure who is most excited - me I think! We don't always do "special" things when they are here, it's enough to do ordinary things and be thankful. The're going to be coming every fortnight from the 1st July instead of every three weeks - it means more driving but it will be a lot better for all of us - three weeks is too long to be without them.

Alan came with me to collect the girls yesterday for the first time this year - I was very surprised when he asked to come, and even more surprised when he didn't make a single complaint about my driving on the way there and back - and he even shared some of the driving - his recovery is very, very slow, and often hard to see but he is getting slowly better.

I'm taking things one day at a time, going to meetings but probably need to do more and certainly need to get better at ringing my sponsor - I text her a lot but don't ring and discuss things as much as I'm should, or as I'm going to! I'll make more effort because I know how important it is to go outside myself and get help.