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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ghita girl 17 year old , rebels , in search for freedom and to confront with the traditions of her country Morocco , the girl reflects the normal life a girl of rich person industrialists , the film is a beautiful fabric which reflects life of the new youth , a life to divide between the studies, love , teen sex and drugs in confrontation with the religion and the traditions .

The director Laila elmerrakchi wanted to put under projector and without maquages the reality of the Moroccan company . the director has to seek has to plunge the spectator in another vision of the company Morrocans with a great courage , The wave of the shock C’is confrontation between two generation that occidentalized and is different to anchor in Morocco basic has to show the weakness of the arguments of the two camps, confrontation was at the same time very strong and very interesting on the ideological and cultural level.

Personally as a blogger with a French keyboard i was obliged to do French studies but if i had the choice i would have chosen English , but damn the plays are made !!!!!!!


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