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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Days

I'm feeling a very grateful recovering alcoholic today. The girls are here this weekend - I always feel part of me is missing when the're not about. We're off to the circus this afternoon - not sure who is most excited - me I think! We don't always do "special" things when they are here, it's enough to do ordinary things and be thankful. The're going to be coming every fortnight from the 1st July instead of every three weeks - it means more driving but it will be a lot better for all of us - three weeks is too long to be without them.

Alan came with me to collect the girls yesterday for the first time this year - I was very surprised when he asked to come, and even more surprised when he didn't make a single complaint about my driving on the way there and back - and he even shared some of the driving - his recovery is very, very slow, and often hard to see but he is getting slowly better.

I'm taking things one day at a time, going to meetings but probably need to do more and certainly need to get better at ringing my sponsor - I text her a lot but don't ring and discuss things as much as I'm should, or as I'm going to! I'll make more effort because I know how important it is to go outside myself and get help.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It has days like that,

moments ago like that,

and you can nothing there.

To be motionless to smell itself well.

To feel vague, as an idea which does not arrive, like a word on the end of the language.

Just to have with the hollow of its hands

the mood of an Argentinian tango.

We are encircled by the dictatorships. Heaps of small dictatorships to which us withes with more or less of conscience. A little as if the real dictatorships were not enough for us, a little as if faît it to remove any freedom us was completely foreign, a little as if we must be recreated constraints to have this feeling to be alive.

Today the dictatorship of appearing and the dictatorship "to have" very reversed it on their passage. It set up in control, in example, and with all those which could not hold account of it, the margin their is reserved.

The margin, still it. This margin if not very thick, in which it is comforting to find itself, and to note that one is far from being alone there.

No the policy here, the dictatorship is visual, it advises you and guides you. Small dictatorship of the image, small dictatorship of the representation. You are like-Ci....... become like that, go account of the impression which you give of yourself and make in kind appear "less".

Ah, dictatorships of "less" and "more"!!

A little, a little less, always, always less, here the spiral which sets up themselves gently, you cramp and involves you in a research of exponential perfection.

The various categories can be combined ad infinitum. Chacunes of these categories call a renouncement without return to yourself.

In the category of "more", and without surprise, it would be necessary to be more beautiful, young person, more sporting, more muscular, beardless, more smiling, more fêtard, more, more, more...........

By pity, let us stop the cloning of mass!!

If that continues to acknowledge its age soon will pass for a revolutionary act.

When to acknowledge that you have a very particular tenderness for the small handles of love, these small wrinkles with the corner of the eyes or the hairs, then there I assure you, you are in extreme cases of the subversive one!!!

Precisely hold: subversion. Here is completely a dishonest person proposal which I propose to set up on the field in dogma.

Honestly, I have a brain, and thank you for him, it continues to function perfectly with the years which pass..... Not need that one says to me what to be, what to make, what to like or what to think..... I manage very well all alone.

I am a big boy, and in my margins, believe me y' has a heap of other big boys, who them also can manage very well.

They will say: "retords spirits"

We will answer: with the free spirits, not of trève..........

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ghita girl 17 year old , rebels , in search for freedom and to confront with the traditions of her country Morocco , the girl reflects the normal life a girl of rich person industrialists , the film is a beautiful fabric which reflects life of the new youth , a life to divide between the studies, love , teen sex and drugs in confrontation with the religion and the traditions .

The director Laila elmerrakchi wanted to put under projector and without maquages the reality of the Moroccan company . the director has to seek has to plunge the spectator in another vision of the company Morrocans with a great courage , The wave of the shock C’is confrontation between two generation that occidentalized and is different to anchor in Morocco basic has to show the weakness of the arguments of the two camps, confrontation was at the same time very strong and very interesting on the ideological and cultural level.

Personally as a blogger with a French keyboard i was obliged to do French studies but if i had the choice i would have chosen English , but damn the plays are made !!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Today is good, and its only noon! This morning I was able to wake, play some TW2004 golf until the sun was up then head to Seneca for some putting practice. This was a good start, but not too far of from standard operating procedure. Since then I've had a rather rewarding morning at work with some nice orders coming in.Around 11, I happly set out to pickup my copy of Tiger Woods 2005 for PS2 at Target where after some confusion at the register (why I love going early on the first day of special offers at such stores) I was able to get my game $10 cheaper than listed and a free gift card. Its nice to know that in some cases incompetence can be counted on. Now I just have to wait out the next 5 hours until I can start playing.On a slightly sadder note, the Nationstates game is done. It held so much promise at first, but after the first month or so, began to become the same tiresome thing every time. There is no way to delete ol' Flanagania, but much like the storied Fiefdom of Tetlertown and Republic of Waggopolis, the Federation of Scurvy Prevention will be put out to pasture for its demise after 28 days of inactivity.